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Welcome to our Year 6 Page

Throughout the year, we work hard preparing for our end of KS2 assessments in Reading, Writing and Maths. All of our effort ensures we leave Normanby Primary ready to embrace everything that Secondary School has to offer.

Term by Term

In the Autumn Term, we learn all about World War 2 and the effect it had on the children and people of Middlesbrough. We imagine life as an evacuee and investigate the crucial role local industry played in supporting the war effort – understanding how everyone truly played his or her part.

The changing power of the monarchy awaits us in the Spring Term. We investigate the role of the monarch and discuss what makes them an effective or ineffective leader. We look at this through time (dating back to 1066!) however focus in on Henry VIII, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II.

In the Summer Term, we investigate the ancient civilization of the Maya people. We look at the similarities and differences between ancient religions and the religions of today. We locate cities, investigate their culture and understand how our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources.

Residential Experience

Fancy spending a night on an island in the middle of a lake? Then our Year 6 residential is perfect for you. During the Spring term, we learn all the skills necessary to survive on the island such as: constructing a shelter, building a fire and preparing a hot meal.

24 Hours Classroom

We are very lucky in Y6 as we are able to use iPads to support our learning both in the classroom and at home!

Saying Goodbye and Moving On

Before leaving Year 6, we look back at our time at Normanby Primary School, celebrating and sharing our talents and achievements through an end of year performance. Handkerchiefs at the ready!!

  • "It's brilliant to see the children develop the confidence and skills needed for their next journey on to Secondary School."  

    Mrs Brallisford, Year 6
  • If you asked me what makes me proud about working in Year Six, I would say - the satisfaction of seeing how much confidence they have by the time we reach SATs ; going on and seeing how much they enjoy our specially designed 'Island ' residential with them in Summer term and the end of year show where I get to pretend to be a director!"  

    Mrs Pentney, Year 6
  • "Year Six is my second home! I enjoy the challenge of teaching our children in their last year of Primary School and making it their most memorable.  

    Mrs Pentney, Year 6
  • "It's brilliant to see the children develop the confidence and skills needed for their next journey on to Secondary School."  

    Mrs Brallisford, Year 6
  • "Working in Year 6 is a real privilege. I feel very lucky to be able to help the children leave Normanby Primary School having achieved their full potential and ready to start secondary school."  

    Mr Drage, Year 6
  • “Learning about World War 2 was great. We found out what it was like to be an evacuee and even had a World War 2 Christmas party where we flipped the kipper and rolled the potato!”  

    Year 6 Pupil
  • “Our teachers get us ready for Secondary School”  

    Year 6 Pupil
  • “All the children take care of each other here. Words cannot describe how good this school is!”  

    Year 6 Pupil
  • “Normanby Primary School is great – we have the best teachers in the world. One of our fantastic P.E. coaches was even a professional footballer!"  

    Year 6 Pupil
  • “Year 6 is truly unique and fabulous – we use amazing technology like iPads to help us learn at home and in school”  

    Year 6 Pupil


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