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In Nursery, we provide quality learning experiences for all the children through practical and play activities, which are relevant to the children. We observe the children from the beginning of their time in Nursery to understand their interests, development and learning styles. This allows us to find out what the children ‘can do’ and what they already know.

Our aim for our indoor and outdoor area is to offer equality in terms of planning, resourcing and use. We try to think of our indoor and outdoor together as one big space and not two separate ones. Lots of children prefer to learn outdoors and the outdoor environment can offer many unique opportunities that indoors can’t.

We work hard to create a highly stimulating environment with child-accessible resources that promote learning, independence and challenge our children, both indoors and outdoors.

Below are links to a PDF version of FS1 iBooks. If you would like one of the iBooks downloaded onto an apple iPad please speak to a member of Foundation Stage.

We hope your child will be happy in Foundation Stage, have lots of fun, make friends and learn to do many new things. Our aim is to provide a secure foundation for all children to ensure they make excellent progress through school. We ensure that your child’s experience of school is broad, balanced and enriching whilst following their individual needs and interests.

We work closely together to get to know your child so that we can support their play, development and learning. Your child will have a key person who is responsible for their well-being during their time in Foundation Stage. However, they will work with all members of the team during their time with us.

Your child will have a day packed full of fun activities and play both indoors and outdoors. Play will involve:

  • Children initiating their own play and activities
  • Adults initiating activities which are carried independently by the children
  • Adult led activities

We believe that every child is unique and we aim to support them to develop a positive sense of identity and culture. We work hard to build positive relationships that respond to your child’s needs, feelings and interests. In Foundation Stage, we believe in a strong partnership between the school and parents/carers. We provide rich learning opportunities through play and imaginative teaching, ensuring challenging, playful opportunities across the prime and specific areas of learning and development.

  • "I like to come to Nursery to be with all of my friends' "  

    Matilda, FS1
  • "Our Nursery is good because we have lots of toys."  

    Jessica, FS1
  • "I like Nursery because it helped me to learn to listen."  

    Sonny, FS1
  • "Why do you enjoy coming to Nursery?" 'Playing on the computers is fun!'  

    Daniel, FS1



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