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P.E. – Year 3


Download our Year 3 P.E. curriculum here.


(Core task: Round the Clock)

Developing skills
  • I can respond to stimuli using language and movement
  • I can incorporate different qualities and dynamics into my movement
  • I can explore and develop new actions whilst working with a partner or a small group
Making and applying
  • I can link actions to make dance phrases with partners or small groups
  • I can perform short dances with expression, showing an awareness of others
Physical and metal
  • In simple language, I can explain why I warm up and cool down
  • I can sustain effort in my dances
Evaluate and improve
  • I can use a range of expressive language to describe my dance
  • I can recognise ‘unison’ and ‘canon’ and suggest how to improve


(Core task: Balancing Act)

Developing skills
  • I can explore use of the floor, mat & apparatus using shape, balance & travel
  • I can practise an action or short sequence and improve it’s quality
  • I can show control, accuracy and fluency when performing actions
Making and applying
  • I can create and perform a gymnastic sequence
  • I can adapt a sequence to include different levels, speeds or directions
  • I can work well on my own and work well with pair sequences
Physical and metal
  • I can understand the importance of warming up
  • I can identify when my body is prepared for gymnastics
  • I can understand that strength and suppleness are parts of fitness
Evaluate and improve
  • I can explain the similarities/ differences between two performances
  • I can understand what is involved in improving the quality of a performance

Invasion Games

(Core task: 3 touch Ball)

Developing skills
  • I can use a range of skills to keep possession and control of the ball
  • I can pass, receive and dribble the ball, keeping control and possession
Making and applying
  • I can keep possession and make progress towards the goal
  • I can make good decisions on what to do/where to pass
  • I know how to use space in games
Physical and metal
  • I can describe what happens to my heart during exercise
  • I can identify which games have the biggest impact on stamina
  • I can describe how some games use short bursts of speed
Evaluate and improve
  • I can explain how best to keep possession
  • I can identify what I do best and what I find difficult
  • I can identify players who do well in games and explain why


(Core task: long, think, short & fat)

Developing skills
  • I can perform basic skills with control and consistency
  • I can vary the speed and direction of the ball
  • I can get in line with the ball and keep a small rally going
Making and applying
  • I can choose good places to stand when receiving and give reasons for choice
  • I can hit the ball into space, at speeds or different heights to outwit my opponent
  • I can use rules and keep games going without dispute
Physical and metal
  • I can identify what activities I could use to warm up
  • I can recognise what happens to my body when playing games
  • I know why warming up is important
Evaluate and improve
  • I can describe what is successful in my own and others’ play I can identify what I need to do to improve and how to go about doing it


(Core task: Take aim)

Developing skills
  • I can run consistently and smoothly at different speeds
  • I can throw a range of implements into a target area with consistency and accuracy
Making and applying
  • I can recognise that there are different styles of running, jumping and throwing
  • Pace their effort well
Physical and metal
  • I can identify and record when my body is cool, warm and hot
  • I can recognise and record that my body works differently in different types of challenge and event
  • I can carry out stretching and warm-up activities safely
Evaluate and improve
  • I can watch and describe specific aspects of running, jumping and throwing styles
  • I can suggest, with guidance, a target for improving distance or height

Main progession points

  • Respond to stimuli; develop new actions with partner or small group
  • Link actions and make dance phrases with a partner or small group (4/5 movements)
  • Create and perform a sequence which includes different levels, speeds and directions (4/5 actions)
  • Incorporate use of floor, mats and apparatus
  • Pass, receive and dribble to keep control and possession
  • Make progress towards a goal and know how to exploit space
  • Get in line with ball and keep a small rally going
  • Hit the ball into space, at speeds or different heights to outwit opponent
  • Throw a range of implements into a target area (10m+)

Spring 2012 – CN
Summer Term 2012 – reviewed ST, SG, RL
Summer 2014 reviewed – TC

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