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Welcome to our Year 1 Page

Year One is a happy, vibrant, fun environment to discover the many new skills of learning. In the Autumn we provide a balance of ‘Child centred play’ and academic learning inspiring all our children to learn and develop at their own ability.


  • Discoveries
  • Toys Old and New
  • A World of Traditional Stories

The Big Bad Wolf

The Summer term is full of exciting Traditional stories, we become authors!

“Everyone thinks that Little Red Riding Hood is such a good girl but she she was the one who wandered off the path! It’s not my fault that they are really tasty! Remember your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops kids or I will huff and I will puff and blow your classroom down!”

Neil Armstrong

“Join me in the Autumn to discover the wonders of the universe, learn about the planets inside the planetarium. You will become an explorer just like me! ‘It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for Year One.”

Man on the moon

We introduce the children to a focused author each term

Kes Gray - Introducing the naughty Daisy and all of the trouble she causes. Who likes peas?
Mick Inkpen - listening to all the antics that Kipper and his friends get up to. Have you ever discovered a Nothing in your attic?
Julia Donaldson, a Gruffalo? Why didn’t you know? Theres is no such thing as a Gruffalo!
Throughout the year we explore the seasons, watching for changes in the weather, our local environment, food and clothing. We record the changes through photos, drawings, recordings and writing. As our educational visit we experience Saltholme to explore other habitats and environments.
Through our Design and Technology curriculum we practise lots of cooking skills, cutting, chopping, peeling and slicing preparing snack for all our friends.

Old Bear – Jane Hissey

In the Spring we investigate toys old and new, learning about the history of teddy bears. We experience the fun of making and managing our own Toy Museum and Café.


"I’ve been stuck in that old dusty attic for such a long time, thank goodness for the Year One Normanby Primary children, who rescued me and put me back in the toy room with all my friends.

  • "I have learnt that a 'ph' are really clever because they make a 'f' sound like in elephant."  

    Jack, Year 1
  • "Learning loads of new sounds helps me to read lots of new words."  

    Amalie, Year 1
  • "I love learning lots of facts about space, like Saturn has lots of rings"  

    Scarlet, Year 1
  • "Teaching has the rewards of inspiring the children to become independent learners."   

    Mrs Allamby, Year 1
  • "I love how every day is different and the children's continuing ability amazes. Truly rewarding."  

    Mrs Foden, Year 1
  • "I love the interaction and watching their faces light up when you share ideas and experiences or just from reading a favourite story."  

    Mrs Miller, Year 1
  • "I have been practising my counting, I can count to 100 hundred and back without stopping."  

    Oliver, Year 1
  • "I know when I write I have to use capital letters and read it to see if it makes sense, I have made a book so I am an author."  

    Andie, Year 1


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