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Mrs D’Inverno

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Mrs Natasha D’Inverno  Year 3 teacher


What are your activities and interests?

As a Year 3 teacher, my days are jam packed with teaching, and having three children of my own, I am also usually very busy running around to various activities and appointments! My weeks are certainly busy! My oldest daughter is at college, and a musician, playing locally at various ‘gigs’, my youngest daughter is a social whirlwind, and always busy too – recently starting at Topline with Mr Nixon/Miss Herlingshaw (she absolutely loves it ). My son is currently working really hard for his GCSE’s, while also taking part in various team sports, so he keeps me busy being a taxi! When I do get time to myself, I enjoy walking in the area around Guisborough – particularly, Guisborough Forest. My favourite walk being over to Captain Cook’s monument. I also enjoy going to my local Zumba class with my oldest daughter – although she is a lot more co-ordinated at the different routines than I am! Also, I enjoy cooking– my house is always busy, with people dropping by frequently for a chat (a nice piece of gluten free cake and a cuppa included). I enjoy a few glasses a wine to relax, and absolutely love reading – anything that has a half decent plot. At present, I am reading ‘The Weird Sisters’ – this sort of plot reminds me of growing up and family life.


How long have you been on the Governing body?

I have been a governor since 2009, so nearly four years now. My ‘term of office’ is nearly up so I just hope I am elected to stay on!


Why did you become a governor?

When a position came up for a new staff governor, I felt that applying for this role would enable me to have a greater understanding of the running and organisation of a school, as well as develop a greater insight into school policy, which adds value to my role of a teacher. Also, I feel that my contribution as a teacher to the Governing Body enhances the Governors understanding of the classroom environment, ethos, curriculum and overall school effectiveness. I have recently been asked to chair the School Effectiveness Committee, which will again help me to continue to develop my role as a staff Governor.


Whats your favourite TV program or film and why?

My favourite TV programs (the rare occasions I have control of the remote!) are Come Dine with Me and also I have recently started watching Criminal Minds – about the FBI Behavioural Analysis Unit. I love it!


Whats your favourite savoury/sweet food?

Chocolate!! Anything Cadbury’s in particular. I absolutely could not live without a little chocolate everyday!


Anything else to add?

As I grew up and lived elsewhere, I would like to say, it is an absolute privilege to live and work in such a lovely area – the beautiful countryside and variety of coastline is outstanding, and the people in this area are so very warm and friendly. What a fantastic school we have, with such brilliant pupils, not to mention staff!

Anyone who wishes to speak to me or is interested in finding out more can contact me by email at or through the school office.

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In this Section

  • "Nothing within teaching gives me greater pleasure than when a child exceeds their targets - seeing the pride in their face and setting the next challenge with them is extremely fulfilling. Within school, I look after 'Normanby University' which provides children with the opportunity to extend their learning outside of the school day."  

    Mr Drage, Year 6
  • "It's brilliant to see the children develop the confidence and skills needed for their next journey on to Secondary School."  

    Mrs Brallisford, Year 6
  • If you asked me what makes me proud about working in Year Six, I would say - the satisfaction of seeing how much confidence they have by the time we reach SATs ; going on and seeing how much they enjoy our specially designed 'Island ' residential with them in Summer term and the end of year show where I get to pretend to be a director!"  

    Mrs Pentney, Year 6
  • "Year Six is my second home! I enjoy the challenge of teaching our children in their last year of Primary School and making it their most memorable.  

    Mrs Pentney, Year 6
  • "It's brilliant to see the children develop the confidence and skills needed for their next journey on to Secondary School."  

    Mrs Brallisford, Year 6
  • "Working in Year 6 is a real privilege. I feel very lucky to be able to help the children leave Normanby Primary School having achieved their full potential and ready to start secondary school."  

    Mr Drage, Year 6
  • “Learning about World War 2 was great. We found out what it was like to be an evacuee and even had a World War 2 Christmas party where we flipped the kipper and rolled the potato!”  

    Year 6 Pupil
  • “Our teachers get us ready for Secondary School”  

    Year 6 Pupil
  • “All the children take care of each other here. Words cannot describe how good this school is!”  

    Year 6 Pupil
  • “Normanby Primary School is great – we have the best teachers in the world. One of our fantastic P.E. coaches was even a professional footballer!"  

    Year 6 Pupil
  • “Year 6 is truly unique and fabulous – we use amazing technology like iPads to help us learn at home and in school”  

    Year 6 Pupil
  • “I got a sticker because I came in all by myself and that makes me happy!”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “I always want to be here; we build bat caves and learn letters and sounds.”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “I’m happy because I can play with my friends.”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “It’s good because we have nice food and fresh water and some people in poor places don’t.”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “I like it because it’s fun. We read a book and grow plants and flowers.”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “I like my teachers; they play with me and learn me numbers.”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “It’s the bestest place because we get to learn every day!”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “I’ve got my teachers. They’re nice and help me to learn.”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “You get to play every day… and build; I like building!”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “We go to Rainbow Room to learn to read letters”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “I love working with our children in FS2! Seeing them excited to learn and succeed at new challenges is an experience I feel lucky to be part of every single day!”  

    Mrs Musgrave, FS2
  • “I enjoy having lots of fun with the children and staff in our Foundation Stage environment and visiting places like Build-a-Bear and Normanby. It’s fantastic to see how much the children grow in confidence and independence and are ready to start Y1”  

    Mrs May, FS2
  • “FS2 is so much fun! It is wonderful to watch the children flourish as we go through the year”  

    Mrs Tyerman, FS2
  • "At the fire station we got to sit in the fire engine and we learnt lots of things."  

    Emilia, Year 2
  • "I liked going to Grangetown Fire Station and learning about keeping safe. It was funny watching the fireman go down the pole."  

    Oliver, Year 2
  • "We learn about Pirates and how they stole ships. I made a pirate puppet too."  

    Ryan, Year 2
  • "I like Year 2 because Barnaby Bear tells us lots of information from different countries. He even went to Jamaica with Mrs Armstrong!"  

    Harriet, Year 2
  • "I have learnt that a 'ph' are really clever because they make a 'f' sound like in elephant."  

    Jack, Year 1
  • "Learning loads of new sounds helps me to read lots of new words."  

    Amalie, Year 1
  • "I love learning lots of facts about space, like Saturn has lots of rings"  

    Scarlet, Year 1
  • "Teaching has the rewards of inspiring the children to become independent learners."   

    Mrs Allamby, Year 1
  • "I love how every day is different and the children's continuing ability amazes. Truly rewarding."  

    Mrs Foden, Year 1
  • "I love the interaction and watching their faces light up when you share ideas and experiences or just from reading a favourite story."  

    Mrs Miller, Year 1
  • "The most rewarding aspect of teaching in year 2 is how much the children love to learn and seeing their amazing learning journey."  

    Mrs Willox, Year 2
  • "I love the varied curriculum that brings learning to life!"  

    Mrs Rutter, Year 2
  • "I love the challenge and excitement of Year 2. I enjoy inspiring the children and it’s so rewarding watching them make progress and achieve their best."  

    Mrs Armstrong, Year 2
  • "I like to come to Nursery to be with all of my friends' "  

    Matilda, FS1
  • "Our Nursery is good because we have lots of toys."  

    Jessica, FS1
  • "I like Nursery because it helped me to learn to listen."  

    Sonny, FS1
  • "Why do you enjoy coming to Nursery?" 'Playing on the computers is fun!'  

    Daniel, FS1
  • "I like using innovative technology to engage and enhance the children's learning experiences and build resilience."  

    Miss Herlingshaw, Year 5
  • "I like working with the upper key stage 2 team to develop the children's thirst for life-long learning in preparation for secondary school and beyond."  

    Mrs Greenmon, Year 5
  • "I like promoting links with and developing the children's awareness of the local area through our ironstone mining topic."  

    Miss Alderson, Year 5
  • "Music is unbelievable! Performing all over the UK, broadcasting on the radio, singing with a 60 piece orchestra are just a touch of what we do at Normanby! Music has helped me grow in confidence."  

    Lily Booth, Year 5
  • "In Year 5, we have lots of opportunitie to participate in exciting sporting activities. I've enhance by biking expertise with 'Bikeability' by learning how to take my hands off the handle bars, signal traffic behind me without falling off and learning how to be more aware of the road around me." 

    Adam Harvey - Year 5
  • "Y5 artwork is phenomenal because we got to use a range of different art materials and study lots of different artists."  

    Konnie, Year 5
  • "Being a new pupil in Normanby is so cool, especially in Year 5 because we have awesome teachers and interesting research topics which make us want to learn even more!"  

    Harry, Year 5
  • "In Year 5, we have lots of fun using our iPads like a second brain to help us learn."  

    Mille, Year 5.
  • "I have been practising my counting, I can count to 100 hundred and back without stopping."  

    Oliver, Year 1
  • "In Year 4, I particularly enjoy teaching French and also using iPads and Chromebooks to teach Computing across the year group. The Year 4 show in the Spring term is always a highlight for staff and children."  

    Mrs D'Inverno, Year 4
  • "I know when I write I have to use capital letters and read it to see if it makes sense, I have made a book so I am an author."  

    Andie, Year 1
  • "I enjoy teaching in Year 4 because of the wide curriculum we get to cover. We  research new areas such as The Anglo-Saxons and Rivers. I particularly enjoy teaching Maths and always look forward to the Year 4 Zenith residential to Osmotherly in the Summer term."  

    Mrs Gills, Year 4
  • "In Year 4, this term we are performing an Easter show. I am so excited because the whole year group will be performing together. We are all really curious to find out what the show is going to be about!"  

    Eve, Year 4
  • "All the children and staff have welcomed me into Year 3 after returning from my Maternity leave in January. It is lovely to be surrounded by smiley, hard-working children each day."  

    Mrs Wardill, Year 3
  • "In Year 4, we have enjoyed Zenith outdoor education classes and can’t wait to go on our residential to Osmotherley where we will be staying overnight. We are excited about mountain biking, canoeing and abseiling down a waterfall! Last year, the children made bows and arrows and built dens. I am looking forward to learning new skills and trying things I haven’t done before."  

    Ella, Year 4
  • "As I taught this cohort last year as Year 3's, I have found it very rewarding to see the progress the children have already made in Year 4. It has been very valuable as a team in terms of continuity and progression."  

    Mr Wood, Year 4
  • "There’s a lot I like about Year 3.I liked the sleepover the most because of the movie and the food. I like doing PE with Mr Robinson. The teams are good, I am in orange house. I like everything in school."  

    Isaac, Year 3
  • "I like going to some of the after school clubs in Year 3, I went to gym club and I have now been chosen for Normanby University. I made my own rainforest and called it ‘Parrot Paradise’  "  

    Ava, Year 3
  • "It’s a privilege to work alongside children who want to learn and work to the best of their ability. They not only work hard, they have lots of fun too. This is great to witness."  

    Mrs Tye, Year 3
  • "One of my favourite things we have done in Year 3 was our visit to Tesco to learn about ‘Farm to Fork’. We went into the bakery and saw bread buns being made. I also like Art, I made a Diva lamp."  

    Ratu, Year 3
  • "I loved the sleepover in Year 3, I enjoyed the film ‘Night at the Museum’. I liked our rainforest work, I made my own rainforest."  

    Keller, Year 3


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