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Design and Technology – Year 5


Download our Year 5 Design and Technolohy curriculum here.

Developing, planning and communicating ideas

Developing, planning and communicating ideas

Evaluating processes and products

I can come up with a range of ideas after I have collected information.
I can take a user’s view into account when designing.
I can produce a detailed step-by-step plan.
I can suggest some alternative plans and say what they good points and drawbacks are about each.
I can explain why my finished product is going to be of good quality.
I can explain how my product will appeal to the audience.
I can use a range of tools and equipment expertly.
I can persevere through different stages of the making process.
I keep checking that my design is the best it can be.
I can check whether anything could be improved.
I can evaluate appearance and function against the original criteria.

Breadth of study

Cooking and nutrition


Mechanisms & Structures

I can describe how to be hygienic and safe.
I can present my product really well.
I can refine my product after testing it.
I can incorporate hydraulics and pneumatics.
My measurements are accurate enough to ensure that my product is strong and fit for purpose.
I cam motivated enough to refine and further improve my product using mouldable materials.
Possible topics:
Bread/biscuits/savoury dishes
Link to Aincent Greece
Possible topics: Possible topics:
Vehicles – space buggies, motors
Lego links
Programming in ICT
  • "I like using innovative technology to engage and enhance the children's learning experiences and build resilience."  

    Miss Herlingshaw, Year 5
  • "I like working with the upper key stage 2 team to develop the children's thirst for life-long learning in preparation for secondary school and beyond."  

    Mrs Greenmon, Year 5
  • "I like promoting links with and developing the children's awareness of the local area through our ironstone mining topic."  

    Miss Alderson, Year 5
  • "Music is unbelievable! Performing all over the UK, broadcasting on the radio, singing with a 60 piece orchestra are just a touch of what we do at Normanby! Music has helped me grow in confidence."  

    Lily Booth, Year 5
  • "In Year 5, we have lots of opportunitie to participate in exciting sporting activities. I've enhance by biking expertise with 'Bikeability' by learning how to take my hands off the handle bars, signal traffic behind me without falling off and learning how to be more aware of the road around me." 

    Adam Harvey - Year 5
  • "Y5 artwork is phenomenal because we got to use a range of different art materials and study lots of different artists."  

    Konnie, Year 5
  • "Being a new pupil in Normanby is so cool, especially in Year 5 because we have awesome teachers and interesting research topics which make us want to learn even more!"  

    Harry, Year 5
  • "In Year 5, we have lots of fun using our iPads like a second brain to help us learn."  

    Mille, Year 5.


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