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Art and Design – Year 5


Download our Year 5 Art and Design curriculum here.

Developing, planning and communicating ideas

Working with tools, equipment, materials and components to make quality products

Evaluating processes and products

I use marks and line to produce texture.I can plan and use shading for mood and feelings.
I can use line, tone, shape and colour in figure.
I can plan accurate print designs for a given criteria.
I can use a sketch book to develop my ideas.
I can select and use a variety of materials to create mood and feelings in my work.I can use printing techniques/equipment with increasing accuracy.
I use a sketch book to sort, discuss and compare ideas.
I can work with clay and other mouldable materials.
I can use textile and sewing in my work.
I can describe how/why techniques work.I can talk about my work and things that other people have done.
I can offer ideas to improve my work and others work.
I can work collaboratively.
I can select materials and tools and give reasons for my decisions.

Breadth of study

Drawing & painting

Printing & sketch books

3D/Collage & textiles


I can identify and draw simple objects.
I can use marks and lines to produce texture.
I can use shading to create mood and feeling.
I organise line, tone, shape and colour to represent figures.
I can explain why I chosen specific materials.
I can create a range of moods in paintings.
I can express emotions through painting and sketches.

I can print using a number of colours.I can create a print design to meet a given criteria.I can print onto different materials.
Sketch books
I keep notes in a sketch book to show how work might develop.
I use a sketch book to compare and discuss ideas with others.
I can sculpt clay and other mouldable materials.
I can use textile and sewing skills as part of a project.
I cab combine visual and tactile qualities to express mood and emotion.

Possible topics

Possible topics

Possible topics

  • "I like using innovative technology to engage and enhance the children's learning experiences and build resilience."  

    Miss Herlingshaw, Year 5
  • "I like working with the upper key stage 2 team to develop the children's thirst for life-long learning in preparation for secondary school and beyond."  

    Mrs Greenmon, Year 5
  • "I like promoting links with and developing the children's awareness of the local area through our ironstone mining topic."  

    Miss Alderson, Year 5
  • "Music is unbelievable! Performing all over the UK, broadcasting on the radio, singing with a 60 piece orchestra are just a touch of what we do at Normanby! Music has helped me grow in confidence."  

    Lily Booth, Year 5
  • "In Year 5, we have lots of opportunitie to participate in exciting sporting activities. I've enhance by biking expertise with 'Bikeability' by learning how to take my hands off the handle bars, signal traffic behind me without falling off and learning how to be more aware of the road around me." 

    Adam Harvey - Year 5
  • "Y5 artwork is phenomenal because we got to use a range of different art materials and study lots of different artists."  

    Konnie, Year 5
  • "Being a new pupil in Normanby is so cool, especially in Year 5 because we have awesome teachers and interesting research topics which make us want to learn even more!"  

    Harry, Year 5
  • "In Year 5, we have lots of fun using our iPads like a second brain to help us learn."  

    Mille, Year 5.


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