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Letters Home

All communication sent to parents regarding the current situation re: COVID-19 can be found on this page.


Covid-19 Measures December 2021: Update for website

Summary measures to tackle Covid-19 transmission in our School

We will continue to inform pupils, parents and staff of our risk mitigation measures in a way that is clear and easily accessible.

We recognise our school can play a role in helping to keep the wider community safe through all the work you are doing around testing, promoting vaccination and infection control.

Our priority will be to ensure the safety of pupils and staff, and ensuring children can receive face-to-face education.

We will continue to review our Covid-19 risk assessment, key elements of which include:

  1. Reducing infection brought into the school setting by more rigorous identification and testing of contacts and more frequent testing

Close Contacts


For primary aged pupils and staff members we recommend that household contacts are asked to take a PCR test and isolate until the result is known, if the result is negative and the young person has no signs of symptoms they can return to education.

Primary School Contact

We recommend that anyone identified as a close contact of a school case undertakes a PCR test, if pupils have no signs of symptoms they can attend school while awaiting results.

  • Recommend the use of face coverings by staff in communal areas, and the use of face coverings by adults in school in all areas, including on dedicated school transport and public transport.  In an outbreak situation it may be advised that the wearing of face coverings is extended to staff in the classroom.
  • Ensure windows are open in the classroom to facilitate good ventilation, as much as is practicable and particularly in areas that have been shown to have poor air quality (if your school has access to CO2 monitors).
  • Reduce mixing between year groups and classes as much as possible to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19, including wherever possible, suspending whole-school or year group events, for example assemblies and staggering breaks and lunchtimes. A bubble system may be introduced, when required. 

Review classroom layout where possible to minimise configurations where students are facing each other in favour of rows of desks to face the front.  Consider the reintroduction of staff teaching boxes where possible.

  • Reduce transmission between staff wherever possible, maintaining social distancing in staff rooms and when meeting other staff, and shifting staff meetings online where distancing and ventilation cannot be maintained. 
  • Continue to promote the benefits of both Flu and Covid vaccination to staff and eligible pupils not yet fully vaccinated and boosters as staff become eligible.
  • Limit visitors to the school and consider carefully whether events that bring parents into the school can be managed safely or should return to online.  If this is not possible, encourage visitors and parents/carers to take a lateral flow test before attending.
  • Carefully consider whether educational trips and residential visits should go ahead. This is especially important because being on transport together for long periods, and/or sharing overnight accommodation, increases the chance of transmitting Covid-19. Any visits out of school that are deemed essential should be to Covid-secure premises only.
  • Enhanced cleaning will be maintained – with attention in particular to high touch point areas
  1. Continue to report school cases through to the covid schools support team;

The covid schools support team will continue to monitor cases on a daily basis and provide support to our school when required.  The team will provide advice and recommendations which are based on the above measures but at times may differ due context dependant on individual school rates and current situations.

We appreciate that this will add to staff workload at an already busy time, but we strongly believe it is important to act now to prevent any further increase in cases, further school absences and harm in the wider community.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely.

We will review our risk assessment if the situation improves and inform you as soon as there are any changes.

Carl Faulkner

Executive Head teacher


1st March 2021 

Dear Parents and Carers 

When should my child go back to school? 

All pupils will return on Monday 8th March.  

In readiness for the return, we have updated all our Risk Assessments and consulted with staff. In readiness for the return of all our fantastic pupils’ staff have begun to discuss how school will operate with your child, either in school or through their remote teaching.  

Staff have received updated training on PPE and the policies that need to be in place for the return; these will continue to be developed in light of the Governments developing guidance.  

How will school continue to maintain ‘social distancing’ and other protective measures when all the children return in March? 

Arrangements will be as they were at the end of the Autumn Term.  

Pupils of Primary Age do not need to wear a face mask.  

Some key elements of our organisation are highlighted below: 

·         Only one adult per family allowed on site. 

·         Visitors will be allowed into the school building by appointment only. 

·         Guidance states that children in primary schools do not need to social distance, but we will maintain enhanced cleaning regimes and avoid mixing groups wherever practicable.  

·         Children will be taught in class groups within their year group. This means we can send home a smaller number of ‘close contacts’ home, should we have a report of a positive case. 

·         Play areas for some year groups will be demarcated outside, so that class groups know where they can play.  

Are you testing pupils for C19 at Normanby, like they are at Secondary Schools? 

Normanby Primary pupils will not be asked to test at this time, this follows the most recent guidance given from the Department for Education. 

Are you testing staff or parents for C19 at Normanby? 

About 1 in 3 people with coronavirus do not have symptoms but can still pass it on to others. Regular testing of people without symptoms is important to help stop the virus spreading and protect your loved ones. As lockdown restrictions gradually ease, we all need to play our part to help protect each other. 

All our staff and regular visitors (such as our catering staff) have access to regular rapid lateral flow testing made available to them via school. Upon returning to school, teaching and non-teaching staff should take twice-weekly tests using a home test kit provided by their school. This includes permanent, temporary and voluntary school staff. 

Households, childcare and support bubbles of primary and secondary-age pupils are also encouraged to take a test. 

How to get a rapid lateral flow test 

There are different ways to get a test for school staff, pupils, and members of their households, childcare and support bubbles in England who do not have symptoms of coronavirus. 

Members of households, childcare or support bubbles of school staff and pupils 

From 1 March 2021, if you’re a member of a household, childcare bubble or support bubble of staff or a pupil you can get a twice-weekly test: 

·         through your employer if they offer testing to employees 

·         at a local test site 

·         by collecting a home test kit from a test site 

·         by ordering a home test kit online 

Get a test through your employer 

Your workplace may offer rapid lateral flow testing to you. Contact your employer to find out more. 

Take a test at a rapid lateral flow test site 

You can take a rapid lateral flow test at a local site. Testing at these sites is assisted, which means you will swab yourself under the supervision of a trained operator. You may need to book an appointment. 

Find your nearest rapid lateral flow test site

Collect test kits 

You can collect up to 4 home test kits at a local collection point. Each kit contains 7 tests. Anyone 18 or over can collect. You can check online if the location is busy before you go. 

Find your nearest home test kit collection point

If you or your child has coronavirus symptoms 

The most important symptoms of COVID-19 are recent onset of any of the following: 

·         a new continuous cough 

·         a high temperature 

·         a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia) 

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, arrange to have a PCR test if you have not already had one. Stay at home while you are waiting for a home self-sampling kit, a test site appointment or a test result. Do not use the rapid lateral flow testing service as this is only for people without symptoms. 

Order a test for people with symptoms online or call 119. 

How will dropping off and picking up work from March 8th? 

Face coverings must be worn by all adults on site, at all times.  

Drop off and collection times are as in the Autumn Term. 

If you have a child in morning Nursery, you should drop them off first. If you have child in afternoon Nursery, you should pick them up last.

Please be aware that you will not be able to speak to your child’s teacher at ‘drop off’ or collection. You will need to make an appointment with the office or pass messages to the office, preferable by phone.  Emails can be used if a less urgent message or response is required.   

There is only one person allowed in the office reception area at a time. There is a box area marked outside of the entrance, to indicate where you should wait.    

No scooters or bikes to be on the school site. 

Please be aware of social distancing rules on and around our site. It is important you follow timings strictly and leave site as soon as you can to avoid congestion.  

There is a one-way system for parents and carers accessing site for drop offs for children between FS2 and Y6. 2YO and Nursery children will be dropped off and collected from the Nursery gate. Please follow the instructions to help us manage the numbers of people flowing through site. 

The usual crossing patrol will be in operation from 8:30-9:00am before school and 3:00-3:30pm after school.  

We encourage walking to and from school but recognise that driving to school is unavoidable for some families. If this is the case, please park with care and respect our neighbours.  

How will you maintain hygiene with so many children on site? 

As before, children will continue to need to wash their hands: on arrival, before they leave and throughout the day. 

Hand sanitiser and tissues are available in all classrooms, for when access to a sink is not practicable. 

Cleaning routines will be increased, so that there is more frequent cleaning of shared areas which prioritise touch points throughout the day. 

Should children wear uniform?  


School uniform should be worn – please don’t worry if you have to supplement items of a dark colour for trousers etc that your child may have outgrown. 

Arrangements for teaching: Children in Years 1-6  

Following government guidance, when children sit at tables, they will be sat facing forwards when possible. Generally, they will face towards the teacher. 

Teachers and other staff will wear face masks when within 2m of your child.  

Teachers will also take learning outside where appropriate. 

 If your child is bringing a packed lunch, then they can bring it in their lunch bag and it will be stored for them until lunch time. 

We plan to make sure all the children settle down quickly into the routine of school through lots of praise and positive reinforcement. We will offer a broad range of lessons; we won’t rush to test or judge your child.  

Although staff are permitted to move between bubbles, we have planned to limit this as much as possible. 

Arrangements for teaching: Nursery, Reception and the 2-Year-Old room. 

Children in Early Years will not be allocated tables to sit at. They will work in provision areas, at tables and outside. 

Teachers and other staff will wear face masks when within 2m of your child.  

Teachers will also take learning outside where appropriate. 

The reception classes will work in two halves, with each half working separately from each other. Teachers will minimise contact through groupings and use of the space.  

Soft furnishings have been removed and equipment will be regularly wiped clean. 

What should my child bring to school? 

In Reception, Year 1 and 2, children should bring their book bag, a water bottle, a coat and will only need a packed lunch bag if they do not have a school dinner. 

Children in Years 3 to 6 are allowed to bring a small bag for their iPad, a water bottle and a coat and a packed lunch bag if necessary.

We plan to make sure all the children settle down quickly into the routine of school through lots of praise and positive reinforcement. We will offer a broad range of lessons; we won’t rush to test or judge your child. 

Although staff are permitted to move between bubbles, we have planned to limit this as much as possible.  

Will my child need a PE kit for return? 

In September we asked that you didn’t bring PE kits into school.  This remains the case.  

We would like you to continue to send your children to school as described below when PE takes place. PE is a really important part of the school’s curriculum and it is important the children get back to their physical activities as soon as possible. We will try to increase the amount of activity all our pupils undertake as part of making being back at school engaging and stimulating.  

On the day that children do PE, they should wear a white polo shirt (or T shirt) and normal school jumper, adding plain navy or black leggings/ joggers instead of skirt/ pinafore/ trousers for example, and trainers instead of school shoes.   

As the children will be outdoors as much as possible, they should also have a coat/jacket they can move in easily or a plain navy or black hoody to wear over their uniform top should they need this outside.  

Before and after school sports clubs will resume after the Easter break, should it be judged safe to do so. 

What will lunchtime provision look like? 

To adhere to Government guidelines on minimising group interaction, children will eat in the hall facing forwards and in their classes.  

Lunches will be served in a rota, with children attending the hall on different days. Younger children will go earlier than our older pupils. All classes in Key Stage 1 and 2 will access the Hall equally, but on some days, they will have to eat in their respective classrooms. This allows us to keep our bubbles smaller and separate.  

We are grateful to our caterers, Mellor’s, for their support and positive attitude towards solving this challenging issue. Thanks also to our staff who will be regularly giving up their lunch and break times to supervise your children.  

On Friday we will share the menu for the first week back. Children will be visiting the dining hall for a hot meal or having a takeaway style lunch - jacket potato or Pizza in their classroom  

Reminder, all children from FS2 to Year 2 receive a Universal Free School Meal.  From Year 3 to 6, a School Dinner is a paid option. Contact the office if you think you may be entitled to free school meals.  School meals can be paid for via the usual Parent Pay system.   

How will the school contact me, if it needs to? 

It remains essential we have your most up to date details so please make sure your details are up to date with school by using the SIMs Lite app. Please see the office for details.  

How will contact be minimised on the school site?  

Discussion with your child’s teacher will be completed by appointment only; you will need to make an appointment with the office or pass messages to the office, preferably by phone.  Emails can be used if a less urgent message or response is required.   

There is only one person allowed in the office reception area at a time. There is a box area marked out. Others should wait outside.   

Hand sanitizer is available near every entrance. 

Please be aware of social distancing rules on and around our site. It is important you follow timings strictly and leave site as soon as you can to avoid congestion. There is a one-way system for parents and carers accessing site for drop offs for children between FS2 and Y6. Please follow the instructions to help us manage the numbers of people flowing through site.  

Our barrier, to keep our site safe from cars, will operate as usual between 8:15am and 4:15pm. Please do not walk under the barrier.   

What will the school curriculum look like? 

As discussed with your children, priorities on return will be: 

·         Welcoming the children back to school, ensuring they feel safe. 

·         Establishing school routines, rules and expected behaviours. 

·         Teachers will prioritise the teaching of reading, writing and maths where necessary but not to the exclusion of our planned Normanby broad and balanced curriculum. 

Some activities, such as singing in a choir, cannot take place. 

We are not allowed to hold large assemblies.  

How will reading books be organised? 

We will continue to allow children to choose, or be allocated, books at the start of the week and return them on Fridays. These books will be kept in quarantine when returned to school, for the Government advised period of time, before they are allowed to be used by others. Other online activities will be shared via Seesaw to support reading at weekends. 

Will Homework still be provided? 

We will continue to use Seesaw, as parents and pupils have all responded positively to its implementation.  

Homework will now be set online, because we have been told to limit the number of items moving between home and school, but there will remain a balance of activities for children and families to look at, or work on together. 

This will mean Seesaw and Microsoft Teams can be used to set the work and respond to it and can be used quickly to set home learning, as it has during this period of lockdown, should we need to adapt to this situation again in the future. 

Can my child walk to school unaccompanied? 

Yes, if they are in Year 5 or Year 6 and you have informed us of your decision.  

You can contact the school office to update us on your decision.  

All other pupils should be accompanied by one adult; only one adult will be allowed on the school site.  

Pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 can travel by bike or scooter if parents let us know in advance. However, we cannot guarantee that other pupils will not come into physical contact with your child’s bike, due to the limited storage available.  

Parents should ensure that their child travels directly from home to school and returns home directly at the end of the day, as other restrictions on social mixing remain in place.  

Will children be able to attend Sunshine Club? 

Sunshine club will be available before and after school for children in Reception to Year 6; normal charges will apply. Breakfast will be available but under current guidelines, we are providing a yoghurt or cereal bar at parent’s request. Please see Mrs Burke for charges. Sunshine Club is available from 8am and closes at 5:30pm – Monday to Thursday (to allow for sufficient cleaning to take place for the next day) and 5pm on Friday. The Government guidance states that children from different groups can mix in consistent bubbles of 15; at  Normanby this will be provided for children within age phases where possible.  

There will be no other before or after school activities in school (apart from Sunshine club) until further notice. 

Other questions? 

Thank you for taking the time to read all of the information in this letter. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us after looking on our website for all the safety documents related to March opening; these will be updated as they are finalised this week.  

In order for your child to prepare your child for the return to school, you may find it helpful to talk over this week about the return on Monday and reassure them, that very quickly it will feel normal to be back.  

We can’t wait to see everyone back at Normanby Primary again next week. 

Mr Faulkner and Mrs Pentney 


4.1.21 2100hrs

Dear Parents and Carers,

Following the Prime Ministers address tonight, we have been instructed to again close our school (apart from vulnerable and critical worker children) until February half term.

Like you, we had no prior knowledge of this decision, we are hoping that you will be able to support us in taking action tomorrow, to prepare for a sustained period of remote learning.

Pupils should not attend Normanby primary School tomorrow, 5.1.21, except in exceptional circumstances.

We ask that you only bring your child to school if you are a critical worker and have no other option for childcare. This is because all staff will be involved in preparing resources for remote learning activities.

For critical workers children, who do attend and have a prior booking, Sunshine Club will be open as usual from 8am and will close at 5pm. Lunch will also be provided as per normal arrangements.

For children who do attend, the normal entrances, exits and timings should be followed. All adults must wear a mask when on the school site. By taking this unusual action, we will have time to organise critical worker and vulnerable group bubbles.  This provision will be more complicated than last year, as we have expanded our remote learning offer to encompass daily remote teaching.

You must register with school as a critical worker, if you intend to use this provision from Wednesday.

Earlier today we sent you an email asking you to fill out a Survey Monkey link to register your eligibility as a critical worker. It is now urgent that you respond to this survey, so we can plan our staffing. If, from Wednesday, children arrive at school, without their eligibility being confirmed the school may not have sufficient staff on site to safeguard or teach them.

We will be in touch with everyone who has registered for a critical worker place tomorrow, before 5pm, and separately to those who are vulnerable tomorrow afternoon, with information regarding plans on Wednesday 6th January. 

Remote learning will be planned tomorrow by teachers and support staff in school and will be provided for Wednesday for all pupils.

We have no further information on Free school meals provision at this time.

As usual, if you have any immediate safeguarding concerns please contact me at school.

Thank you again for you continued support; we are so sad this has happened again. This is not the start to the year we had hoped for, but our staff will do all they can to make sure your child remains connected to our school and continues to progress educationally. This will be a challenge, but one we are committed to. 

Please contact us with any general questions you may have by contacting the office via email: office@normaby.org.uk  We will aim to respond on the same day when possible.

Kind regards

Mrs Kathryn Pentney

Head of School

Mr Carl Faulkner

Executive Head Teacher



Dear Parents and Carers,

I apologise that I am writing to you at such short notice, given that the start of the new school term is tomorrow. I also apologise that within the Trust we are currently unable to give the certainty of a definitive plan for your child’s education this term. However, I think it is important to openly share the current situation within Ironstone Academy Trust, and your child’s individual school with you. I will work with your child’s head teacher, or Head of School, and send a further letter on Monday to confirm our plans for the rest of the week.

Details of school opening on Monday 4 1 2021

Most importantly, we need to let you know that at Normanby Primary School we will be closed for both morning and afternoon Nursery sessions and both morning and afternoon 2-Year-old sessions in our Sunflowers on Monday. If your child is in Nursery or 2-year-old setting they should therefore not attend.

We will be open for both Reception classes and all classes from Year 1 to Year 6.  

The use of Sunshine club is permitted only if you are accessing it for childcare purposes due to work.  

Why have we made this decision to write to you today, on the last day of the holiday?

On Wednesday 30 December the government announced that primary schools in some Tier 4 areas would be instructed to undertake online learning with their children for the first two weeks of this term. Although a Tier 4 area, Redcar and Cleveland was not mentioned in this list.

On Friday the 1st January, the DfE updated their guidance, following health concerns raised by some local councils, to include more Tier 4 areas. The latest version of the “Contingency Framework” can be viewed on the DFE website.

On Saturday the 2nd January a number of leadership and teacher Unions shared their concerns with both the government and their members and questioned why primary schools in some Tier 4 areas were being instructed to undertake at least two weeks of remote learning and others were being instructed to start in person learning from Monday 4th January.  Once again, their views can be found on their respective websites.

As of Sunday, 3rd January my understanding is that guidance has not changed. On Saturday we wrote to all staff asking as to their intentions. Some Ironstone staff have decided not to attend school in person due to health and safety concerns. This is their legal right as employees. Their decision has been shared with Trustees, and they understand and respect their decision. This has led to a situation where, at some of our schools some classes might be in school learning in person and some classes learning remotely at home. Additionally, like all areas of society we have staff who existing medical conditions who have been advised not to attend. We also have pregnant staff who have been individually advised not to attend school, and work from home. We also have staff who are required to stay at home due to ‘Track and Trace’ notifications.

Our Head teachers will liaise daily to review the situation, and update Trustees as the situation or advice given to us develops.

For clarification at this point I would make clear both the DfE and the Unions are only proposing this action initially covers the first two weeks of term. During this time Trustees have asked we will show the same understanding for any families who choose to keep their children home for remote learning during this time period.

The staff and Trustees at Ironstone support the DfE’s view that consistency of learning is important for children, and we recognise that the relationships and routines associated with school’s support to children’s wellbeing. Any potential changes to our plans are not linked to unsafe practices at Ironstone, concerns being raised are due to the rise in numbers of positive cases both locally and nationally. The Trust already has more advanced risk mitigation measures than many other schools, with for example staff routinely wearing visors and/or masks in classrooms.

Despite everyone’s best efforts there may be periods of remote learning ahead of us during this term. We will do everything we can to safeguard the health of your child and every member of the school community, and to communicate in as clearly and timely a manner as possible.

Yours Sincerely

Carl Faulkner

CEO Ironstone Academy Trust



  • "Nothing within teaching gives me greater pleasure than when a child exceeds their targets - seeing the pride in their face and setting the next challenge with them is extremely fulfilling. Within school, I look after 'Normanby University' which provides children with the opportunity to extend their learning outside of the school day."  

    Mr Drage, Year 6
  • "It's brilliant to see the children develop the confidence and skills needed for their next journey on to Secondary School."


    Mrs Brallisford

  • If you asked me what makes me proud about working in Year Six, I would say - the satisfaction of seeing how much confidence they have by the time we reach SATs ; going on and seeing how much they enjoy our specially designed 'Island ' residential with them in Summer term and the end of year show where I get to pretend to be a director!"  

    Mrs Pentney, Year 6
  • "Year Six is my second home! I enjoy the challenge of teaching our children in their last year of Primary School and making it their most memorable.  

    Mrs Pentney, Year 6
  • "It's brilliant to see the children develop the confidence and skills needed for their next journey on to Secondary School."  

    Mrs Brallisford, Year 6
  • "Working in Year 6 is a real privilege. I feel very lucky to be able to help the children leave Normanby Primary School having achieved their full potential and ready to start secondary school."  

    Mr Drage, Year 6
  • “Learning about World War 2 was great. We found out what it was like to be an evacuee and even had a World War 2 Christmas party where we flipped the kipper and rolled the potato!”  

    Year 6 Pupil
  • “Our teachers get us ready for Secondary School”  

    Year 6 Pupil
  • “All the children take care of each other here. Words cannot describe how good this school is!”  

    Year 6 Pupil
  • “Normanby Primary School is great – we have the best teachers in the world. One of our fantastic P.E. coaches was even a professional footballer!"  

    Year 6 Pupil
  • “Year 6 is truly unique and fabulous – we use amazing technology like iPads to help us learn at home and in school”  

    Year 6 Pupil
  • “I got a sticker because I came in all by myself and that makes me happy!”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “I always want to be here; we build bat caves and learn letters and sounds.”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “I’m happy because I can play with my friends.”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “It’s good because we have nice food and fresh water and some people in poor places don’t.”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “I like it because it’s fun. We read a book and grow plants and flowers.”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “I like my teachers; they play with me and learn me numbers.”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “It’s the bestest place because we get to learn every day!”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “I’ve got my teachers. They’re nice and help me to learn.”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “You get to play every day… and build; I like building!”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “We go to Rainbow Room to learn to read letters”  

    FS2 Pupil
  • “I love working with our children in FS2! Seeing them excited to learn and succeed at new challenges is an experience I feel lucky to be part of every single day!”


    Miss Clayton, FS2

  • “I enjoy having lots of fun with the children and staff in our Foundation Stage environment and visiting places like Build-a-Bear and Normanby. It’s fantastic to see how much the children grow in confidence and independence and are ready to start Y1”  

    Mrs May, FS2
  • "At the fire station we got to sit in the fire engine and we learnt lots of things."  

    Year 2 Pupil

  • "I liked going to Grangetown Fire Station and learning about keeping safe. It was funny watching the fireman go down the pole."  

    Year 2 Pupil

  • "We learn about pirates and how they stole ships. I made a pirate puppet too."  

    Year 2 Pupil

  • "I like Year 2 because Barnaby Bear tells us lots of information from different countries. He even went to Jamaica with Mrs Armstrong!"

    Year 2 Pupil

  • "I have learnt that a 'ph' are really clever because they make a 'f' sound like in elephant."  

    Year 1 Pupil

  • "Learning loads of new sounds helps me to read lots of new words."  

    Year 1 Pupil

  • "I love learning lots of facts about space, like Saturn has lots of rings"  

    Year 1 Pupil

  • "I love how every day is different and the children's continuing ability amazes. Truly rewarding."  

    Mrs Foden, Year 2

  • "I love the interaction and watching their faces light up when you share ideas and experiences or just from reading a favourite story."  

    Mrs Miller, FS2

  • "I love the challenge and excitement of Year 6. I enjoy inspiring the children and it’s so rewarding watching them make progress and achieve their best."  

    Miss Armstrong, Year 6

  • "I like to come to Nursery to be with all of my friends."  

    FS1 Pupil

  • "Our Nursery is good because we have lots of toys."  

    FS1 Pupil

  • "I like Nursery because it helped me to learn to listen."  

    FS1 Pupil

  • "Why do you enjoy coming to Nursery?"
    'Playing on the computers is fun!'  

    FS1 Pupil

  • "I like using innovative technology to engage and enhance the children's learning experiences and build resilience."  

    Mrs Herlingshaw, Year 4

  • "I like working in the key stage 2 team to develop the children's thirst for life-long learning in preparation for secondary school and beyond."  

    Mrs Greenmon, Year 3

  • "I like promoting links with and developing the children's awareness of the local area through our ironstone mining topic."  

    Miss Alderson, Year 5
  • "Music is unbelievable! Performing all over the UK, broadcasting on the radio, singing with a 60 piece orchestra are just a touch of what we do at Normanby! Music has helped me grow in confidence."  

    Year 5 Pupil

  • "In Year 5, we have lots of opportunities to participate in exciting sporting activities. I've enhanced my biking expertise with 'Bikeability' by learning how to take my hands off the handle bars, signal traffic behind me without falling off and learning how to be more aware of the road around me." 

    Year 5 Pupil

  • "Y5 artwork is phenomenal because we got to use a range of different art materials and study lots of different artists."  

    Year 5 Pupil

  • "Being a new pupil in Normanby is so cool, especially in Year 5 because we have awesome teachers and interesting research topics which make us want to learn even more!"  

    Harry, Year 5
  • "In Year 5, we have lots of fun using our iPads like a second brain to help us learn."  

    Mille, Year 5.
  • "I have been practising my counting, I can count to 100 hundred and back without stopping."  

    Oliver, Year 1
  • "In Year 4, I particularly enjoy teaching French and also using iPads and Chromebooks to teach Computing across the year group. The Year 4 show in the Spring term is always a highlight for staff and children."  

    Mrs D'Inverno, Year 4
  • "I know when I write I have to use capital letters and read it to see if it makes sense, I have made a book so I am an author."  

    Andie, Year 1
  • "In Year 4, this term we are performing an Easter show. I am so excited because the whole year group will be performing together. We are all really curious to find out what the show is going to be about!"  

    Eve, Year 4
  • "All the children and staff have welcomed me into Year 3 after returning from my Maternity leave in January. It is lovely to be surrounded by smiley, hard-working children each day."  

    Mrs Wardill, Year 3
  • "In Year 4, we have enjoyed Zenith outdoor education classes and can’t wait to go on our residential to Osmotherley where we will be staying overnight. We are excited about mountain biking, canoeing and abseiling down a waterfall! Last year, the children made bows and arrows and built dens. I am looking forward to learning new skills and trying things I haven’t done before."  

    Ella, Year 4
  • "There’s a lot I like about Year 3.I liked the sleepover the most because of the movie and the food. I like doing PE with Mr Robinson. The teams are good, I am in orange house. I like everything in school."  

    Isaac, Year 3
  • "I like going to some of the after school clubs in Year 3, I went to gym club and I have now been chosen for Normanby University. I made my own rainforest and called it ‘Parrot Paradise’  "  

    Ava, Year 3
  • "It’s a privilege to work alongside children who want to learn and work to the best of their ability. They not only work hard, they have lots of fun too. This is great to witness."  

    Mrs Tye, Year 3
  • "One of my favourite things we have done in Year 3 was our visit to Tesco to learn about ‘Farm to Fork’. We went into the bakery and saw bread buns being made. I also like Art, I made a Diva lamp."  

    Ratu, Year 3
  • "I loved the sleepover in Year 3, I enjoyed the film ‘Night at the Museum’. I liked our rainforest work, I made my own rainforest."  

    Keller, Year 3