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Transition FS1 - FS2

Transition from FS1 to FS2

Foundation Stage staff work together to ensure our children have a smooth transition from FS1 to FS2. It is very important to us that your child feels happy and secure at school. Due to restrictions in place during Summer Term 2020 the normal transition programme has unfortunately not taken place.  We have however, offered a valuable 1:1 transition session with FS2 staff, enabling a parent/carer and their child to become familiar with the FS2 environment, gain an insight into what a day in FS2 will be like, share information about their child and also to ask any questions. Every child has also been given the opportunity to spend one full day in FS2 within a small group.

Please note that children are currently not to bring their bookbags to school.

FS2 iBook (PDF Version)

Times of the School Day

FS2 doors open at 8.55am and school finishes at 3.05pm.

School start and finish times will be slightly different in September to allow for a staggered entry. Entry to and exit from the school site will be also different to enable a one-way movement system around the school site. Please be aware of social distancing rules on and around our site. 

September 2020:  FS2 start time between 8.55-9.10am. Finish time between 2.55-3.10pm

Please enter the school site through the gate near the barrier at the front of school. Walk across the east playground, passing Y4 and Y2 classrooms and walk up onto the south playground and then down the path to the FS2 blue playground. For safeguarding reasons we ask that you say goodbye to your child at this point. All children will enter through one door into FS2. Parents/carers will leave by walking along the path to Nursery and through the Nursery gate.

At home time parents/carers enter school and walk to FS2 as they did on arrival in the morning. Staff will send children out to meet their parent/carers as they enter the blue FS2 playground. Please leave by walking along the path to Nursery and through the Nursery gate.

Children who are not collected on time will be taken to after school club. You will be charged for this service.


Our Foundation Stage uniform:

  • Light blue t-shirt or polo shirt
  • Navy trousers, jogging bottoms, leggings, culottes or shorts
  • Navy sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Trainers, preferably velcro fastener

Please ensure your child can identify their own belongings and that all clothes are named. Jewellery is not to be worn at school.

Foundation Stage Curriculum

In FS2 we follow a play-based approach to learning. Each area of learning and development will be implemented through planned, purposeful play. Play is essential for children’s development, building their confidence as they learn to explore, to think about problems and relate to others. Children learn by leading their own play, and by taking part in play that is guided by adults.

It is very helpful to find out what interests and motivates your child. Please complete your child’s Transition Passport and other activities given to you by Nursery staff and bring them back to school in September.

Our priorities during the first half term will be: 

  • Welcoming the children back to school, ensuring they feel safe. 
  • Establishing school routines, rules and expected behaviours. 
  • During the first half term, teachers will prioritise the teaching of personal, social & emotional development, reading, writing and maths where necessary but not to the exclusion of our planned Normanby broad and balanced curriculum. 
  • Starting the curriculum relevant to the age group we are teaching with catch up provision where children have essential gaps. 
Contact information

It is important for us to have up to date information about your child and their health. Please ensure all contact details are up to date for September 2020. This can be done via the Sims app. If you wish to discuss any medical needs in more detail please contact the school office. Our health visitor and school nurse can also offer help and advice.



There is no charge for a school meal for children in FS2 as all children in FS2, Y1 and Y2 receive a Universal Free School Meal.  

Lunch is eaten in the West Hall at 11.50 am. FS staff talk to the children about what is available for lunch before they go into the dining hall. They also support the children whilst they are choosing their lunch. Please ensure your child can use cutlery correctly. We encourage the children to cut up their food independently, however we will help, if needed.

Lunchtime supervisory assistants support the children during lunchtime in the hall and also on the playground.

In September, to adhere to Government guidelines on minimising group interaction, lunch will be served on a rota basis.  There will be three rotating options.  

All children will receive equal access, over a three-week block, to a daily rota of meals.  

1. Children will be visiting the dining hall for a hot meal 

2. A Grab bag style lunch / sandwiches/Fruit/yoghurt/ in their classroom  

3. A takeaway style lunch - jacket potato or Pizza in their classroom  

Parent/carer partnerships

As parents/carers we recognise that your role is crucial. We work very hard to involve parents/carers in all aspects of children’s learning and development. Children who are supported well at home make the best progress across all areas of their learning and development.

  • Enjoy talking about everyday experiences
  • Share lots of stories
  • Provide opportunities for your child to become independent
  • Encourage your child to invent sounds, words, songs, music and rhymes
  • Provide opportunities for your child to use pens, pencils, chalk, paints and simple tools, such as scissors
  • Help your child to recognise shapes, colours, numbers and words in familiar places such as food packets, street signs and
  • Introduce the language of counting and measures during activities such as cooking and shopping
  • Provide opportunities for being physical and active, such as running, climbing and playing with hoops and balls etc
  • Play games and complete jigsaws
Sunshine Club  - Before and After School

Our Sunshine Club can be booked for your child to attend before and after school once they become full-time in FS2.

Sunshine Club staff will take children to FS2 for the start of the school day and collect them from FS2 at the end of the school day.

Morning Club: 8.00am until the start of the school day

After School Club:

Monday – Thursday :  3.00pm to 5.30pm (September 2020) Normally until 5.45pm

Friday:   3:00pm to 5:00pm

Registration forms and costings are available from the school office or in the parent and carer section of this website.